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Alaska Business Monthly: GCI TERRA Network Connects Kotzebue to the World

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – GCI (NASDAQ:GNCMA) today announced the commercial launch of TERRA service in the Northwest Arctic Borough. TERRA is delivering, for the first time, terrestrial broadband service to Kotzebue, 33 miles north of the Arctic Circle. This service will dramatically improve online health, education and government services as well as the broadband data experience for residential and business users. With the launch of TERRA, GCI has also rolled out 3G mobile wireless services for the residents of Kotzebue.

TERRA is GCI’s terrestrial broadband network serving the rural communities of western Alaska. Terrestrial broadband provides lower latency and allows for streaming of rich media and the ability to leverage video conferencing, a critical tool for healthcare and education. Using video conferencing, communities like Kotzebue have access to specialty doctors and educators that are not readily available in the community. The lower latency enables significantly fewer delays in transferring data, allowing for better real-time communication.

The launch of 3G wireless service will allow for...

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