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Arctic Sounder: High-speed connections will improve services

With ever-advancing technology, the world is moving at a pretty quick pace these days. And over the next few months, the Northwest Arctic will be right in step.

GCI is expanding its terrestrial broadband network and as of this week, it's about 800 feet from Kotzebue.

The TERRA — Terrestrial for Every Rural Region in Alaska — project is an ongoing, multi-year endeavor to put better internet, phone and television service in the hands of rural Alaskans, which have relied on spotty satellite connections until now.

But the implications for such an undertaking will be far reaching beyond seamless Netflix viewing and quicker selfie uploads.

Schools and health clinics are among the agencies in the Northwest Arctic that will really see positive change by providing better and more expansive service to those in the region.

The land-based Internet project will link Kotzebue to...

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