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KTUU, NBC Anchorage, Channel 2: Grants Bringing Faster Library Internet

In the Interior Alaska village of Lake Minchumina, the library offers the only Internet access -- and it's pretty slow. But that service is about to get faster in libraries across the state, thanks in large part to federal stimulus funds.

While the Internet is vital to both the Bush and the big cities, when it comes to technology rural Alaska is always playing catch-up. That’s why the Alaska State Library is intent upon bringing high-speed Internet access to many rural Alaska libraries through the Online With Libraries Project.

“When I came to Alaska as a librarian, we didn't have telephones in every community, we didn't have television in every community,” said the project’s director, Sue Sherif.

Through the OWL Program, more than $8 million -- most of it from the federal stimulus program -- will be spent to bring high-speed Internet to more than 100 libraries statewide.

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