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Press Release: GCI expands high-speed network to 10 more Arctic communities in 2016

Alaska's biggest telecommunications provider partners with Ericsson to improve access to health care and education for Norton Sound residents

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, June 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- GCI today announced it will expand high-speed terrestrial broadband service to the Northwest Arctic Borough and Norton Sound, delivering services to 10 new communities this year. GCI's Terrestrial for Every Rural Region in Alaska (TERRA) network delivers low latency network connections and high-speed internet access. These speed increases, supported by Ericsson technology, will dramatically improve the performance of online health, education and government services.

"GCI has brought high-speed internet to some of the most remote locations on earth," said Greg Chapados, executive vice president and COO of GCI. "We've seen how much a community can benefit from the improved medical care, improved education and improved economic opportunities that accompany access to broadband. We're truly connecting Alaskans to the rest of the world. The projects are hard and the environment unforgiving, but we're an Alaska company and we don't expect things to be easy."

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