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TERRA project update: July 28 - August 1, 2014

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  • Galena: Tower and future shelter foundations are complete.
  • Melozitna: Mobilizing antenna and steel to the site so the tower crews can start mounting them.


Northwest Phase 3

  • Shaktoolik: Radio pointing towards Ungalik was installed by our Bethel ROPS crew this past week.
  • Dime: Peak crew is onsite integrating the shelters and plumbing the fuel lines between the power modules and fuel tanks.
  • Baldwin: Peak crews will be going up to the site in the next week to move the batteries into the power module to begin demobilizing the crane in time for the August barge voyage to the Kotzebue region that can land on the Baldwin beach area.
  • Tower crews: Crews will be starting this weekend mounting the antennas and running waveguide. They are still determining what site to start on since weather is such an issue on Harvey they would like to start there first.  For project continuity the best starting point is sequentially, which would be Ungalik.
  • Kotzebue: Steelhead crew will be heading to our Microwave site to install the De- tuning equipment starting next week.