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Project Updates

Short project updates will be posted to this section of the website as they occur. If you have any questions on project activities please contact Bob Walsh.

Our #ThinkArctic Podcast with Dr. Sraga is live now: https://t.co/aC4zEkaUEw https://t.co/OP3l8yDfhz3 hours 10 min ago
https://t.co/OUn14F8XUv4 hours 10 min ago
Listen to our latest #ThinkArctic Podcast, featuring Dr. Mike Sfraga from @thewilsoncenter https://t.co/aC4zEksvw41 day 2 hours ago
https://t.co/ppAYRgyOGT1 day 2 hours ago
https://t.co/FrWwUM0o7T2 days 2 hours ago
#ThinkArctic https://t.co/GB9abXKgSk2 days 3 hours ago
Tina Pidgeon describes how GCI's investment helps close the divide between two Arctics -- those with broadband and… https://t.co/VipGeyJTpl2 days 7 hours ago
"Why can't the cooperation we find in the Arctic be the model for the future?" @lisamurkowski poses the question at… https://t.co/741hcmDYXr2 days 7 hours ago
https://t.co/aYseZoV4Ll3 days 3 hours ago
https://t.co/0PlvTY7sa43 days 5 hours ago